China Standard Post Hole Digger Drive – EPHD series replacement of OMNI gearbox PHD with Great quality


Submit Hole Digger Generate – EPHD GEARBOX

Publish Hole Digger Drive gearboxes PHD , PHD-fifteen,PHD-25,PHD-26,PHD-fifty,PHD-75

PHD Collection

Design Rated HP Rated Torque (InLb) Regular Ratio Fat (Lbs) Shaft Enter actual substitute of OMNI gearbox code no.:
EPHD15 15 1,750 three.00:one 27 x PHD-fifteen
EPHD25 44 five,133 two.ninety two:1 42 x PHD-25
EPHD26 forty four 5,133 2.92:one forty nine x PHD-26
EPHD50 fifty seven six,650 three.18:1 sixty two x PHD-50
EPHD75 88 ten,267 4.00:one 113 x PHD-seventy five
Design Rated HP Rated Torque (InLb) Common Ratio Excess weight (Lbs) Shaft Input specific substitution of OMNI gearbox code no.:
EPHD15 fifteen one,750 3.00:1 27 x PHD-15
EPHD25 44 five,133 two.92:one 42 x PHD-twenty five
EPHD26 forty four five,133 two.92:1 forty nine x PHD-26
EPHD50 fifty seven six,650 three.eighteen:1 62 x PHD-50
EPHD75 88 10,267 4.00:1 113 x PHD-75


Transmission:  Post Hole Digger Drive gearboxes PHD , PHD-15,PHD-25,PHD-26,PHD-fifty,PHD-75

Horsepower :15-88HP is ideal

Used for column digger

Building: ductile iron

Gear ratio: check out previously mentioned desk

Equipment kind: bevel equipment

Use ninety excess weight equipment oil

To fill correctly, eliminate the 1/4 inch plug from the rear of the gearbox and pour oil by way of the best plug till it starts to overflow from the 1/4 inch plug, then substitute the plug and tighten

  • These equipment containers are sold without safety shields. Remember to indicated when you need to have it, Extra demand will be essential. 

Varieties of agricultural components

Agricultural components can be divided into distinct groups. These elements consist of tractors, moldboard plows, whips and sickles. Some of the distinct types of agricultural components are outlined underneath. Each and every of these elements is critical for diverse varieties of farming. It is essential to know the function of each and every and what it does. If you are a farmer or strategy to grow to be a farmer, these areas are vital to your procedure.


The very first tractor appeared in the twenties. Ford and Intercontinental Harvester had been amongst the initial companies to create farm tractors, but the business has grown swiftly. By the twenties, hundreds of companies have been making farm tractors. The agricultural melancholy of the thirties compelled numerous of these businesses out of company. By the thirties, only 7 businesses have been key gamers in the tractor enterprise. Ford made the largest number of wheeled tractors in the United States in between 1930 and 1955.
Some tractors are equipped with a variety of accessories to increase their efficiency. These specialised agricultural parts are utilized for a variety of jobs. These contain tillage, harvesting, planting and substance dealing with. Tractors vary in horsepower, raise potential, manage and abilities. Some versions also have unit mounting choices. The draw back of this is that if you require to use the tractor for other functions, you will have to use additional attachments that can injury the tractor.
Present day tractors have a clutch pedal on the gear lever. This enables you to change speedily without having pedaling. Other tractors have a throttle speed button that enhances hydraulic movement to the implement. However, the most essential component of a tractor is the engine. Tractors need to be pushed properly due to the fact even slight mishaps can lead to critical injury to farm equipment. Whilst there are many tractors that can work with out these areas, you can find the proper tractor for your work.

Shared plows

One of the a lot of uses of shared plows as element of agriculture is to enhance the sum of soil in a discipline. This plow efficiently removes compacted soil and lifts weed roots. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute for Agriculture and All-natural Resources, plowshares are ideal utilized in the drop, when weeds are much less lively and the soil is far more fertile.
The simple plowshare can be altered by increasing or decreasing the plowshare to match runners in the furrow. Even so, this design and style is not suitable for breaking up the heavier soils of northern Europe. In the sixth century, nevertheless, the advent of the wheel made it achievable to use more substantial moldboards, which increased food creation and inhabitants progress. These days, farmers in North America have access to a broad selection of moldboard plows.
Agricultural moldboard plows appear in two basic designs, horse-drawn or tractor-style. Horse-drawn models have one particular bottom, even though tractor-pulled moldboard plows have 1 to fourteen hydraulically lifted bottoms. Other variants contain intermediate breakers and twin moldboard plows. Agricultural moldboard plows are frequently utilized in the Midwest and in other places.


Grass is used for mowing. The blade is double edged and bolted to the wood take care of. Steel blades are tempered and braced for strength and sturdiness. The blade can be sharpened if necessary. The straw whip is 30 inches long, which can be a very good or a undesirable thing depending on the user’s top. Blades can be sharpened with sandpaper or a file.
The classic straw whip 32 contains a rear panel and horizontal cabinets. It also functions a hollow handle with an adapter at the proximal end and a carrying handle at the distal stop. The initial cable goes to the energy provide and goes through the scenario and manage. Soon after pulling the cable taut, the straw will be firmly connected to the little holder 8.
The suction tube 32 is linked to an electrical link 47 that powers the device. A battery pack is supplied for use away from the tractor. It is a plastic or steel box and is made up of two elements: a rechargeable battery 67 and a feminine electrical plug sixty eight. The swap locks in the open position to stop accidental use. The switch is also geared up with a safety lock button. These two elements work with each other to run the straw.


Although it is generally considered that the scythe was very first created in Roman occasions, its actual growth could be earlier. Pliny talked about two diverse kinds of sickles, Gallic and Roman. The Gallic sickle was the for a longer time of the two and was made of mild metal, although the Roman sickle was manufactured of more challenging, higher carbon metal.
In the earlier, folks cut wheat by hand with a sickle. They replaced scythes and bagging hooks, which needed end users to bend above to harvest crops. Even though they have largely been replaced by tractor machinery, scythes are nonetheless utilised these days in components of Asia and Europe. The sickle can also attain uncomfortable corners, generating it far more beneficial in specific sorts of cuts.
The sickle belt stretches from Europe to the Center East and the Midwest of the United States and Canada. It also spans most of Russia, the Center East and North Africa. In the nineteenth century, Austrian sickle makers dominated the sickle sector. They created millions of sickles, some courting again to the 1500s. Some of them have been exported to India and the previous Soviet Union.


Brushcutters are effective agricultural tools employed mostly for felling and trimming vegetation. These areas are usually multifunctional, and some designs are even capable of sustaining road edges and ditches. Some types can even trim branches from particular kinds of trees. Ahead of you buy your personal brush cutter, be certain to read through the handbook meticulously and adhere to the protection principles. For your very own basic safety and the protection of other people, you should wear a challenging hat, eye and listening to security, padded gloves, prolonged pants, and boots, and preserve young youngsters absent from work locations.
Brushcutters are generally attached to the tractor by way of a 3-position linkage system, with the exception of large achieve versions that are hooked up to the tractor via fixed stirrups. Furthermore, brush cutters often have a balancing mass located opposite the tractor. These agricultural components are complicated to put in, but as soon as installed, they stay coupled to the tractor. A brush cutter is a critical piece of tools on any tractor.
Most brushcutters use hydraulic engines. The electrical power is transmitted mechanically via a PTO (electrical power just take-in excess of) mechanism or a cardan shaft, which turns a hydraulic pump. This pump attracts hydraulic oil from a unique tank and then sends it by means of a series of distributors to transfer the arm and the operating organ. As a consequence, the power of the brush cutter is transferred from the tractor to the working organ by a hydraulic motor.


Transplanters for agricultural elements are equipment utilised to plant seedlings into soil. These machines are employed in greenhouses and open up fields to boost efficiency, produce, and the accomplishment of harvesting transplanted crops. Transplanters are typically made of steel and are made to match seedlings of all styles and dimensions. Getting a utilised transplanter is a good thought as long as the functioning elements are in good issue. When thinking about a used model, you ought to examine it for cracks or corrosion and broken elements.
A mechanical transplanter functions faster than hand transplanting, but it becomes slower as your quads and back commence hurting. H2o-wheel transplanters have grow to be common in modern many years. By automatically delivering water into the holes the place the transplants are set, water is shipped to the root system with out the need to have for manual intervention. Furthermore, h2o-wheel transplanters conserve time on watering. John Good, a farmer who makes use of a h2o-wheel transplanter, states that velocity is no different amongst a mechanical transplanter and a drinking water-wheel one.


The basic objective of cultivators is to turn soil and plant make a difference into a workable sort for the crops. Cultivators are utilized by each large and modest farmers. Cultivators for small farming operations are typically self-propelled, but could be drawn driving a tractor. Two-wheel cultivators are typically set and run by couplings, although 4-wheel cultivators are attached through a three-point hitch and operated by electricity get-off. Some cultivators are nonetheless drawn driving a draft animal, and the techniques are nonetheless employed in a lot of developing nations around the world.
Cultivators are employed in farming to break up soil all around a crop. There are 3 various kinds of cultivators: row crop cultivators, disc cultivators, and electricity cultivators. Row crop cultivators are utilized to break up soil prior to planting, while harrows are utilized to prepare the soil for planting. In the two circumstances, cultivators are utilized to disturb the soil constantly during the doing work width. In common, cultivating soil enhances aeration and disrupts photosynthesis. Additionally, it can decrease drinking water ponding time after heavy rainfall.
Cultivators are essential parts of agricultural equipment. They aerate soil, get ready the seedbed, and eliminate weeds. By disrupting the soil, cultivators are employed to evenly distribute chemical applications. Among them, glyphosate is the most typical and widely utilized weed killer. It is secure for farmers to use, and it effectively gets rid of most weeds in a solitary software.

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